Goderich Columbus Hall Group Functions
Inclusive Package

Pricing per person includes the Rental Costs of the Hall space required for your function
plus availability for four hours the day before for setup/decorating,
Draping behind Stage – All Round and 8’ tables and chairs – Standard Polyester Linens and napkins for Tables and Head Table – Some restrictions apply.
This amount also includes 15% Gratuity for Catering Staff on Buffet Meals
Amount is based on groups of 120 adults or more- *smaller groups are available for $5.00 more/person


        1.  ROAST BEEF DINNER                                                                                     $45
        2.  ROAST BEEF AND BBQ CHICKEN                                                                 $45
             (Chicken legs and thighs)
        3.  CHICKEN BREAST WITH WHITE WINE SAUCE                                        $45
        4.  TURKEY DINNER with Stuffing                                                                       $45
        5.  ROAST BEEF & CHICKEN BREAST                                                               $48

             Additional Option of:
        6.  PRIME RIB DINNER                                                                                         $50

Clients may bring in desserts, cupcakes or special occasion Cake
Clients providing own late night lunch must provide disposables for same

Salad, Dinner Rolls, Choice of Potato or Rice (1), Vegetables (2)
Dessert,Tea and Coffee – to be personalized by Caterer and Client

The cost per person is all inclusive except for applicable HST tax
 “Table Served” Meals may experience an extra charge through caterers
People using the Hall more than 4 hours the day before for setup will be charged a rate of $25 per hour – and is not open to the public!


The Knights of Columbus must provide the Bartenders as per our Liquor Licensing**
Costs of Coolers, Bottled Beer, Mixed Drinks and a Glass of Wine are $5.00*
Bottles of Wine -- Pelee Island 750ml Bottles -- Red and White $20*
-- Pop and Bottled Water is $1.00*

Our Available Bar Products are Listed Below:

Palm Bay-Grapefruit, Lime, Strawberry, Peach
Smirnoff- Ice, Lime, Wildberry, Raspberry, Cranberry/Lime

Bottles Beer :
Bud Light, Coors Light
Alexander Keith’s, Budweiser
Blue, Canadian

Mixed Drinks:
Rye-Forty Creek
Rum-Bacardi Spiced or Black
Smirnoff Vodka       Peach Snapps       Beef Eater Gin    Sambuca
       Scotch-Ballantine’s   Jagermeister

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Canada Dry Ginger Ale

5oz Glass Wine
Wine: Red or White – Pelee Island

* Prices include all applicable taxes and are not subject to bar charges, corkage fees or gratuities. However, if total bar sales for the event are less than $500 then
 a Bar charge of $200 would be applied to the clients bill that evening*
Other wine purchased at the LCBO is available but costs will vary.

** Due to Licensing Regulations no function is allowed to bring outside alcohol onto
our premises – this includes our parking areas! Any violation will result in immediate removal of the alcohol and the guests involved as per Liquor Laws



1.  Any individual, group or organization using Hall facilities assumes full liability for any losses of or damage to Hall property, or neighbouring property, resulting from such use.  Each applicant should obtain adequate liability insurance coverage for the use of the Hall facilities to cover any damage or injury occurring during your event. The Goderich Columbus Club and Knights of Columbus shall not be responsible for any claims for damages or held liable for any charges which may be made as a result of the use of the facilities by the applicant.
2.  The hall is fully licensed and the Knights of Columbus must look after all bar facilities.
No wine or alcohol can be brought into the Columbus Center or our parking lots; this includes drinking during decorating, setup and cleanup times as well. Violation will result in immediate removal of those persons and the right to deny access to the Hall in the future.  No “leftover” wine can be removed from the premises as well! (Bar pricing is subject to change)

3.         No tape is allowed on the floor, walls or ceiling. See management for exceptions.

4.         No confetti of any kind including plastic hearts, sparkles, etc... is allowed.

5.         No open flame candles are allowed unless floated in water or protective covering.

6.         Bar closes at 1 a.m. and the Hall should be cleared no later than 1:30 a.m.

7.   The Knights of Columbus arranges for and will provide approved caterers. A separate deposit can be requested by the caterer. This amount will be deducted from your final Hall billing.  ** Please note that no one other than the licensed caterer and his staff are allowed access to or use of our kitchen facilities due to Health & Safety Regulations.

8.   Knights of Columbus will set-up tables and chairs as close to your request as possible. Client is responsible for setting out linens, place settings, decorating and Band or D.J.

9.   Linens included in the group packages are set out and cleaned up by the client, and must be placed in bags provided at end of function by lessee. All shortages and damaged items will be billed to the Lessee. If not on a group package linens are the responsibility of the client.

10. Any decorations or equipment brought into the hall will be removed by the following day
 at 10am –pending availability or other arrangements made with the office.

11. The Knights of Columbus or Goderich Columbus Center is not responsible for anything brought in or left by people in the hall or coatroom areas-please remove all gifts or valuables.  Please secure your vehicles as well and do not leave valuables in your car!

12. Final confirmed number of guests for meals and linen orders will be due two weeks prior to the date of the event.  Linens and rental items not provided for in the group package is the responsibility of the Lessee.

13.  All deposits to the Hall (or deposits requested by the caterer) are due at time of booking and are not refundable.  If a function requires a date change in advance for legitimate reasons, and the Hall is available on that date, we will do our best to accommodate that change. Further deposits are required closer to the time – final costs of packages due the day before on the Friday to the Hall by 1pm at the latest by cheque – all bar charges to be paid at time of function close on that evening – no exceptions.

14.  Please note that rental of the 2/3, 1/3 or Full Hall does not include the separate Lounge/Meeting Room or access to the kitchens. Can be rented for $125 per day.

15.  Customers must provide supervision of young children.  As a licensed Hall we have many fire exits that cannot be locked and automatic doors.  Children are not to be in the kitchens at any times and should not be playing with carts, wheelchairs or unsupervised.

16.  Customers on package with less than 120 adult meals in 2020 will experience a further charge of $5 per person to compensate for Full Hall useage with smaller numbers – in this case the Hall will not rent out the 1/3; even if it is not required; to a second group! **All bar rates are subject to change during 2020 year.


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Event Design, Rentals and Wedding
Planner - Mitchell

      Devon Tabor                              Cell#                    519-233-7233            Email:                 [email protected]

      White Carnation                        Cell #                  647-861-2611
      Holmesville, ON
      (Corinne Bos and Noriel Abejaron)

       River Run Caterers                   Cell#                   519-440-7205

All Caterers will Provide the Knights of Columbus Group Function Menus
for the same price to each of our clients.
Prices do not include applicable taxes*

Personalized menus can be provided and pricing adjusted by the caterer
at the client’s request.

* Due to cancellations in the past the caterers are allowed to ask for deposits at time of booking – these amounts will be removed from your final billing if you are on a “package” deal.

Licensed caterers use Hall facilities, equipment, prepare meals at the Hall for each function and are fully certified.